Sunday, April 20, 2014

Shoplog: H&M and Beauty

Spring has truly sprung and the last few days the weather has actually been nice. I love it. Suddenly I just want to go outside and explore, simply start enjoying life to the fullest. And off course, what better way is there to do that than to go shopping? So yesterday I went into H&M and Kruidvat and bought some make-up, clothing and accessories. And today I show them to you.

For make-up I bought  essentials and bright colors. Both of the brushes, a combined blush-foundation one and the eye shadow brush, are from H&M. The blush-concealer brush cost € 3,95 and the eye shadow brush  € 2, 95. I usually never buy my make-up brushes from H&M, but I was in the store anyways and in desperate need of some new (and clean!) brushes, so I decided to pick them up.
Another one of the essentials I bought is the eyeliner pencil. Lately, I’ve been wearing lots of liquid eyeliner, but since spring is all about new beginnings I thought I’d go to Kruidvat a new pencil. This one is the Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Pencil, in the color 061. Jet Black and costs €4,99.

One of my favorite things about spring is wearing bright colors, especially in my make-up. The blush I bought is the Defining Blush from Catrice and is in the shade 070 Pinkerbell.  You can get them for €3,59.
As the huge lover of bold lipsticks that I am, I picked up this really nice bright pink one that somehow reminds me of Barbie. This lipstick is from Essence and it’s in the color 08. Colour Crush. It cost me €2,39.

For clothing, things got very basic. After trying on several t-shirts, sweaters and dresses and all of them either not fitting or not looking as good on me as on the mannequin in the store, I decided to just get the bare essentials. A white t-shirt and a black hoodie. Both are from H&M, the t-shirt cost €4,95 and the black hoodie was prized at €19,95.

Compared to my clothing, I think my accessories are a bit more interesting. In my post about my spring wish list, I mentioned that I really wanted a golden ear cuff. So when I saw these feather ones at H&M, I just had to get them.  The set of two (although I personally only wear one at a time) cost
Usually I never buy my sneakers at clothing stores like H&M, so this pair is definitely an exception. I just thought the design would look nice underneath simple jeans-and-t-shirt outfits. They’re not meant to be my everyday shoes for spring, but since they were only €14,95 I decided to just buy these animal-printed babies.

Have you gone spring shopping already? And what’s your favorite item for spring?


  1. Je hebt erg leuke dingetjes gekocht. Die schoenen zijn echt geweldig! Ga ik denk ik zelf ook halen ;)

    Ik heb je genomineerd voor de Liebster Award.
    Dat is een award om bloggers een beetje op weg te helpen naar meer bekendheid.


    1. Dankje! Haha ik ben echt verliefd op ze.
      Leuk dat ik genomineerd ben. Ik ga er snel een post van maken.

  2. Leuke aankopen! De lipstick heb ik ook :)

  3. Toffe dingetjes heb je gekocht! :)

  4. This is a great haul *_*