Sunday, April 6, 2014

DIY: Wall Decor from Old Magazines

I love magazines. I love looking at gorgeous fashion shoots, reading witty columns and finding out about Taylor Swift’s  latest fling (guilty pleasure!). Unfortunately, this love has led to the creation of a massive pile in my already small room  of Cosmos and ELLEs, some of which date over two years back. Since I couldn’t get myself to throw them all out, I decided to come up with a ‘creative’ solution; DIY’ing that pile away! I realized that my magazines could be used to make a really simple, but cute wall decoration. And it doesn’t end there. This really easy technique can be used to decorate cards, notebooks and even picture frames – so I can put that whole pile to good use!

What do you need?
- Magazines
- A large piece of thick/construction paper (or anything else you want to decorate)
- Glue
- A pencil
- Scissors (optional)

Step 1: On your paper, draw any shape you like. I decided to go with a simple peace sign. Make sure that whatever you’re drawing has some space that can be filled in. That’s what you’re going to use your magazines for later on.  So don’t draw any very thin lines!

Step 2: Now grab your magazine, rip or cur out a page and start tearing it into little pieces. Don’t be neat of careful, this is your time to go crazy. Just rip the entire thing apart and have fun with it. (Maybe put on some rock ‘n roll music.)  I prefer to tear up a lot of different pages, so my magazine-confetti will have lots of different colors in it.

Step 3: When you have a nice amount of tiny magazine pieces (don’t worry you can always tear up more as you go along), start gluing them into the shape you’ve drawn. Again, don’t by to precise with this. Just paste them on top of each other and wherever you like, as long as you stay inside your drawn shape.

Step 4: Keep on filling up your drawing with your magazine-confetti, until the paper inside the shape isn’t visible anymore. You shouldn’t be able to see any white (or whatever color your paper is) bits peeking through.

Step 5: And you’re finished! You made yourself a pretty cool decoration piece and hopefully had fun doing it. (If not: Try again with the rock ‘n roll music). If you like you can add other drawings, paint or writing to your creation, to make it look even more awesome.

I hope you liked this DIY! Let me know if you tried it out!


  1. Wat een leuk idee, het effect is echt heel erg mooi!

    1. Dankje! Ik moet zeggen dat het beter uitpakte dan verwacht.