Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My spring Wishlist

Spring Wishlist

Spring Wishlist by cursivetypeblog featuring a black jean jacket

Although it still rains frequently here and it isn’t exactly the weather for short skirts, I can’t help but get excited over the fact that it is spring. Unfortunately, my wardrobe doesn’t show it since I’m seriously lacking clothes that are fit for temperatures above 10 degrees Celsius. And that’s a shame, because I really do love spring fashion. I love not having to go outside with a coat on, but still being able to wear jeans without feeling like I’m melting to death. So, I have a lot of spring fashion items I really want to get and today I decided to share these with you.

1.       Denim jacket from H&M (€36). I love cool jackets and spring is the perfect time to wear them. Since you don’t have to hide underneath a thick coat anymore, but you still need something to wear over your summer dresses. My favorite types of jackets are leather and jean ones, because you can pair them with everything. So this one from H&M is like the perfect combo of my two favorite things.

2.       Skater Dress from New Look (€18). Skater dresses are basically the reason why I wear dresses at all. I’m someone who really likes easy and comfortable clothes and quite often dresses aren’t that. Except for skater dresses. They are really comfy and have this really effortless look to them, but at the same time still have that flirty feel of a pretty dress. I really like this one from New Look, because of the cool tropical pattern. (It’s not floral, I swear! I am actually being really original with tropicals in spring ;) )

3.       Patterned Shorts from Pac Sun (€27). I don’t own any patterned shorts yet and I have no clue why, because I really love how they look. They also really easily make for a nice outfit. You just have to add a plain shirt or a simple blouse and because of the pattern on your bottoms, you already got a put-together look. This one from Pac Sun has a black and white pattern, so you can pair it with almost everything.

4.       Maxi Skirt from Forever 21 (€10). A trend I really needed some time to get used to was the maxi skirt, but lately I’ve been loving the really elegant but also laid-back look they have. Since I’m quite short, I prefer long skirts that still show a bit of leg of have high-low hemline, so this one from Forever 21 is perfect.

5.       Vampire Weekend T-shirt (€18). I’m obsessed with band shirts. They’re like nice graphic tees that at the same time show off your great musical taste. You can just throw them on with jeans or, as I sometimes like to do, dress them up with a skirt or a jacket. I don’t have one from Vampire Weekend, which is one of my favorite bands, yet and this design is also really cool so this shirt is on the top of my wishlist.

6.       Studded bags. For some reason I have been really liking studded bags lately. I think they can just add a bit of edginess to an otherwise girly outfit. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect one, though.

7.       Ear Cuff from (€22). Like I mentioned before, I really enjoy wearing simple outfits, yet I also want to look somewhat fashionable. Adding statement jewelry like this ear cuff is one of the ways I spice up outfits that are just a little too plain. Especially when it gets warmer outside and layering isn’t an option anymore, jewelry like this comes in handy. I used to really love statement necklaces and still do, but ever since I bought my first ear cuff (a very simple one, I must admit) I’ve been in love with these little accessories. Since I don’t have any bold ones yet, this ear cuff from ASOS is on my wishlist.

8.       Canvas Sneakers from H&M (€9,66). Deciding what shoes to wear under a dress or a skirt is always a dilemma for me. I used to think sneakers were a serious no-go, which eventually resulted in me picking uncomfortable shoes that either made my feet hurt, got my toes went in case of a spring rain shower or made me afraid to venture  to any place that might contain dirt. Since I simply want to comfortable this spring, I’ve decided to rid myself of this ridiculous rule. Besides, sneakers give a really casual and effortless look to any dress or skirt. These simple black ones are perfect, because they go with anything and seem very comfy.

9.       Ray Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses (€180). I’ll admit that I’ve never spent more than 30 euros on sunglasses. Every spring and summer I just buy a cheap pair and wear them until I either break or lose them. Still, I’ve imagined myself walking down the street in designer sunglasses with the confident, yet distant air of a movie star (while an amazing musical track plays in the background) countless of time. So maybe this spring I will let my dreams come true with this really nice pair of Ray Bans.

10.   Nail Polish. Lots of it. I love nail art. Unfortunately my love is only expressed in longingly looking at pictures of perfectly done nails on Pinterest, but never actually trying it out myself. Because spring is the time for new beginnings I think that I should change my old habits and actually start trying to paint my nails with cool designs (and probably failing epically). A good stash of nail polish will probably help a lot. 


  1. Leuke wishlist vind vooral 5, 6 & 9 heel leuk!

    Liefs, Jet

  2. Hoi! Ik heb je genomineerd voor de Liebster Award
    Kijk voor meer informatie op
    Liefs xx

    1. Wat leuk!! Dankjewel!
      Ik ga er gauw een post van maken.

  3. I don't know about number eight, I honestly (as a dude) cringe when girls wear black vans with dresses, shorts, or even black vans in general. I don't know why cause really black is my staple. But sometimes I feel like they look like gothic nurse shoes tbh.

    Really loving the waxed denim #1. That is pure badass and you will not regret the clubmasters.