Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Poorly Taken Pictures of Happy Days

I'm feeling really really really good *insert bouncing emoticon*. The past few days I can't stop myself from smiling. What I'm experiencing is not the kind of happiness that comes with all sorts of 'buts' and 'howevers', it's the good kind. The simple kind. The outside world hasn't changed much, but my inside universe feels shifted somehow. To record my probably annoying and certainly fleeting positivity, I decided to take capture some shots (with my just decent phone camera) of things that made me happy today.

My floral skirt tells me I am the cutest flower princess in disguise. My face is unfortunately to engrossed in the art of taking mirror pictures to show it.

A heart my friend drew on my hand and my bracelet that I wear almost every day. If you look closely, you can see my name ingraved in it.

'Johny Boy' by Twenty One Pilots. A song to conquer the world to.

I bought these on a whim a while ago, expecting to never wear them. They are my favorite sneakers now. 

School can actually be fun/interesting sometimes.

I love Sylvia Plath. 'How does one read books of poetry?' is the question I ask myself the most.

'Ariel' and 'On the Road'. Designing book covers must be a cool job.


  1. I'm so glad you're happy!!! I'm kind of experiencing the same feeling at the moment so that should be good. Btw are those sneakers sixtyseven? Because if they are we have the same pair hahaha

    1. My sneakers are H&M, but I've seen the same kind in lots of stores.

  2. Great post! I've never been able to get into Sylvia Plath but I love Kerouac and On The Road is simple amazing! Your bracelet is really cute


  3. i love the description of your happiness, i've definitely felt the same way before. cute pictures & cute outfit!

  4. No way, are we the same people?? I'm reading Sylvia Plath (Colossus, not Arial) and On The Road right now as well. Man.
    Anyway, cute post! It's nice to see other people being happy(: