Saturday, June 28, 2014

Talking about music: Vanessa Carlton - Rabbits on the run

Like most people I like music, books and movies. I also really (really really really) enjoy talking about them, but for some reason I don't do that on this blog. That reasons probably is that I feel totally unqualified to share my opinion on entertainment-y stuff with the world. I mean, I still enjoy Disney Channel movies, often pretend to understand the books I read better than I really do and don't even know the genre of half of the songs on my iPod. Still, in the spirit of Doing Things Simply Because I Enjoy Them I will write about some music I discovered recently. 

You know those annoying autoplay music players on blogs? That is how I discovered Vanessa Carlton. As I unsuspiciously scrolled through the blog that had this player, I was suddenly attacked by the intro of 'White Houses'. Altough I almost had a seizure (the loudness of my volume might have contributed to this), I wasn't even that mad. The piano sounded nice, the chorus was catchy and I felt like I could relate to the vulnerable girly voice. It was one of those songs I like to listen to when I need a break from all the punk and rock music.

Like I ussually do when I discover something I like the slightest bit, I Google'd Vanessa Carlton. After discovering she was the girl from the 'A Thousand Miles'-song (Have you seen 'White Chicks'?) that has been played so many times I just can't not be annoyed by it and watching several early-2000s videoclips, I stumbled upon her 2011 album 'Rabbits On the Run'. (You can listen to it here and if you like it you can be a good person and buy it.) Maybe it's because I don't know much about music, but I had never heard something like it before. 

'I don't want to be a bride', my favorite from the album

It is like a cute-sy singer/songwriter album, but strange. The first two songs 'Carrousel' and 'I don't want to be a bride' set a very magical fairy-taleish tone for the rest of the album. I immediately tought of Alice in Wonderland when I heard 'Carrousel'. Although both songs are upbeat and have a magical feeling to them, they also somehow sound haunting. In the rest of the songs on the album, for example 'Hear the Bells' and 'The Marching Line', this feeling that I can only describe as 'Bittersweet about the fact that everything is fleeting' is even more present. 

All the songs, some of which consist mostly of piano with very little vocals, on 'Rabbits on the run' are very different from 'A Thousand Miles' and other songs from Vanessa that have slightly awkward video clips.(I have to admit I'm not a really big fan of those, although in every song she shows she can really play and sing.) Still the songs from 'Rabbits' are just as nice to listen to. 

That's it. My first time of trying to write something semi-interesting/intelligent about music on here. I hope I didn't embarras myself too much and I have convinced at least one person to listen to a Vanessa Carlton song without the using autoplay. 

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