Thursday, June 5, 2014

Things To Do For Lazy People (Like Me)

It always happens right before or after the start of summer. My motivation drops to a new low. All the fun or relaxing things I had planned for summer are suddenly replaced by lying in bed and browsing Tumblr all day. I know it's okay to sometimes not be doing/creating amazing things and just watch movies/shows and read books all day, but when I hit the point of complete motivationlessness I'm not even doing that. The stack of books I borrowed remains untouched and I don't even bother to look up that movie my friend told me about on Netflix. Being lazy like this is not a lot of fun, especially if it goes on for days. That's why I decided to make a list of fun things to do that require minimum effort. Hopefully I will manage get my ass off the couch this summer.


The List of Things To Do For Lazy People
1. Write in your diary
2. Go out for a walk
3. Facebook chat/snapchat/text a  friend
4. Cut pictures you like from magazines and make a supersimple collage
5. Doodle
6. Paint (a rainbow)
7. Read a magazine (bonus points if you run to the store to get one)
8. Ride your bike
9. Go window shop
10. Paint your nails
11. Make a really simple bracelet
12. Make a playlist of favorite songs
13. Write bad poetry
14. Go out and get ice cream
15. Make a To Do- list
16. Write a blogpost
17. Rearrange your Itunes library
18. Dance around your room
19. Take selfies
20. Write letters that you are never going to send
21. Jump rope
22. Take a long bath/shower
23. Try out a facial mask/ other beauty product you still have lying around
24. Write a six word story
25. Take random pictures
26. Put stickers on random things
27. Braid your hair
28. Write down the lyrics to your favorite song and decorate them
29. Put on make up (as bold as you like)
30. Look at old pictures saved on your computer/camera/phone
31. Make lists of random things (favorite movies, things you loved when you were little, current obsessions)
32. Go out and pick flowers (and let them dry to later do supercool projects with)
33. Make an omelet/grilled cheese/club sandwich and eat it
34. Sort your bookshelve on color
35. The hardest one and the most effective of them all. Get out of your pyjamas and get dressed. 

I hoped this list will help me and maybe some other people to stay active. Have you got any tips on how to get your ass of the couch when you have no incentive to do so?

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